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Sue Tripp - Owner of DreamCatcher Websites

Sue TrippI met a young website developer at a Joomla Chicago meeting, and he mentioned that his mom was helping him with a website. He assured me that she was qualified to do this because she's an "old school programmer". --- Oh my! I think he's talking about me - old school programmer turned modern website developer.

I started as a C programmer and project leader in the old Bell System. Starting at Bell Telephone Laboratories, that became AT&T, that evolved to Lucent Technologies, that has now become Alcatel Lucent. In 2001 Lucent made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I retired young, but was not ready for the life of leisure. Soon I was making  websites and taking classes on topics like graphic design, search engine optimization and joomla. My role has evolved from someone that hand-codes the entire website to someone that pieces together people and pre-built products to quickly meet the needs of internet customers.

I live in Warrenville, IL with my husband Russ, a dentist (www.enjoyyourtripp.com), and we  have two grown daughters. As graduates of the  Univerisity of Illinois  in Champaign, we all bleed orange and blue.

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