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by Jason Fied and Heinemeier Fansson
ISBN 978-0-307-56474-6

This book is a quick read that seems practical and refreshing. Organized in chapters in chapeter that are just 1-2 pages long, its easy to just "read one more".

The advice leads you to just get to work and try our your ideas - rather than spend too much time  planning, meeting, and studying. At the same time keep it simple, keep your expenses in line, and don't be a work-a-holic. With chapters like "Focus on What Won't Change" and  "Make Tiny Decisions", you'll soon be on your way if you follow this advice.

Getting Organized in the Google Era

How to Get Stuff Out of Your Head, Find it When You Need It, and Get It Done Right
By Douglas C. Merrill
Former Chief Technical Officer at Google
ISBN 978-0-385-52817-2

What is my Passord?
Where are my kids supposed to go for soccer practice?
Where did I see that article?
What am I supposed to do today?
Where are those W-2 forms?
Is the project on completed yet or on schedule?

This book describes how to get information out of your head to clear your brain, and how to find it later when you need it. Rather than learning many new tools, it advocates learning just a few tools, likely already familar tools, like gmail and google docs, to store information. Rather than trying to "organize" the information, just use  search tools  to retrieve it later. Douglas describes techniques he's created for himself, and how they might be extended or modified for others. Beyond simple information storage, often the information is stored in the "cloud" for retrieval from any location, and set up to be shared with family or co-workers.


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