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Just Need a Little Help?

Do You Have A Do It Yourself (DIY) Project

Would you like to make your own website, or link social networking tools to your website? Maybe you're trying, but you've run into technical difficulties or ran out of time. Maybe you just can't get your email newsletters published. If that's the case, contact DreamCatcher Websites. We can answer your questions to get you over the hump.

Do you develop marketing for clients and  run into situations where you could use some help?

Some possible scenarios:

  • There is a task that you dread. - maybe we can do it for you.
  • The deadline's approaching and you are running out of time or the project just turned out to be bigger than you first envisioned - maybe we can take over some specific tasks.
  • You need to test a website be sure it is operating properly.
  • You develop other marketing materials, but need help with the website portion. We can build it to suit your design.
  • Have a client that needs a website maintained -- maybe just a few hours/month, but that's not part of the service you provide.
  • If you develop Joomla websites, we could help with customer documentation and/or training.

Maybe in the past you had no one to call. We may be able to help you out of a jam.  Contact DreamCatcher Websites to discuss your particular situation. Joomla websites preferred.

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