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Engage Your Visitors

People may visit your website, but once they are they are there, do they do what you want? Do they come back again? Do  they remember you?  Most likely your goal is that website visitors become  customers or clients. This usually takes multiple interactions. Once your website is set up at the center of your internet presence, we need to use some techniques to keep them coming back or allow you to reach them in the future:

  • Collect email addresses (and other information) from your visitors
  • Send out e-newsletters (possibly with with links to information on your website). This reminds people to visit.
  • Set up twitter or a Facebook Fan page - automatically post tweets/posts on your website.
  • You can blog! They can comment.
  • Sell your products online -- or collect donations
  • Collect event signups
  • Set up a newsgroup or message board to start a discussion
  • Share documents, photos or videos
  • Take polls on your website

Let your imagination go, and think of ways to use the internet to make your business or organization more efficient, more cost-effective, and just plain fun. Developing a relationship with your visitors should pay off for your business. Contact DreamCatcher Websites to extend the reach of your website.

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